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How to Mix your Bitcoins?

Input your payout address and amount to mix, extra options are 10 payout addresses (address1-address2) and time delay. The page will show you a mixer address, amounts prediction (send n receive n-fee) and PGP signed proof of address. Now you can send your coins and your payout will be sent after just 1 blockchain confirmation (5-15 minutes). Mixer addresses accept multiple transactions, adapt to different amounts and expire after 24 hours plus time delay. Expiration is automatically delayed for addresses with unprocessed (unconfirmed) deposits. Minimum deposit 0.005 Bitcoins.

How to Pay Anonymously?

Enter the Bitcoin address where to send your anonymous payment and the exact amount you need to pay. Now you can send the exact amount shown and the mixer will make the anonymous payment for you. Same guidelines as for the “mix” feature apply, as explained above.

Why should I mix Bitcoins?

Bitcoin transactions are not private by design, when you buy coins from exchanges or vendors they can see all your addresses, all past and future financial movements. Using BitCloak mixer lets you keep your transactions private by swapping your coins with brand new ones.

What about the fee?

BitCloak fee is randomized for every order and is set around 1-2%. There is also a network fee of 0.0004 Bitcoins for each payout address, to quickly receive the mixed Bitcoins back.

When should I use BitCloak?

In general everytime you want to make a private Bitcoin transaction. Here are 3 examples:

  • You work and are paid in Bitcoins, you want to prevent your employer from tracking your addresses and all related personal transactions.
  • You bought Bitcoins from an exchange and want to hide your personal bitcoin address for privacy.
  • You are a cryptocurrency trader (btc/eth/ltc/..) and want to make your profits private